"The Goldilocks Zone"

In addition to being a homeschool mom to five awesome teens - oops, four... the eldest Is 20 now!
I teach Spanish classes and write Spanish curriculum.
One thing I've learned from my mentors and from my students and classes of all ages over the past 25 years of teaching (I was a public school teacher before becoming a mother) is that you just can't FORCE learning. You can push and push THINK they've got it, but they don't. Regurgitation does not equate absorption.
Everyone (including me) is interested in doing things efficiently.
Well, being fast isn't efficient. Being "early" isn't efficient. It's TOO fast. But you don't want to be TOO slow either...
You want to be JUUUUUUUSSSST right.
What's the difference between learning in a manner that's "too cold" or "too hot?"
Take a quick listen to find the necessary tools located in the GOLDILOCKS zone in all the areas of learning, especially Foreign Language.

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