Silly in Spanish Category Three (Clothing)

Method #3 to increase silliness (and thus help your Spanish lesson to be more effective) - this week's prop is CLOTHING!

Rather than just naming the items of clothing as you fold them, put them on, or put them away....

Put them on in a SILLY way! Start with, "Yo tengo" (I have) and then add the item of clothing, and then put it on your head (en la cabeza!) Your child will likely need NO encouragement at all, grab the next clothing item, and call it out in Spanish and add it to your head or his own!

The memory becomes almost indelible as you share giggles, Spanish practice, reduce stress, and increase cognitive absorption.

So learn those clothing word flashcards (using your binder pages included in your See it and Say it Set it a GREAT way to categorize them quickly) or head over to my blog to get a list there.

We also have a BINGO game with clothing and another with body parts to encourage more game like learning. 


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