Silly in Spanish Category Five (Wrapping Up)

You made it to the FIFTH post of FIVE. High five on your dedication to silliness!

Can you tell, I am SERIOUS about being silly? We take this homeschooling thing VERY seriously, don't we? And we should! It's important. But sometimes that serious nature overtakes the part of life that should be a little lighter. I keep hounding you on HOW to be silly...

After all those pointers on HOW to be silly, maybe you're still wondering WHY?

In general, once we remove unnecessary boundaries, the absorption increases. Memories become deeper and more poignant, relational intelligence increases, and endorphins are released. When there are MORE ways to be right, and fewer ways to be wrong, your stress level reduces, you become more engaged, interested, and curious in what could possibly happen next. The engagement between you and anyone around you strengthens, so that EVERYthing becomes more meaningful, and thus more memorable.

The children will sleep better tonight, and be MORE eager to learn the next time, looking for that incredible adrenaline rush when they get to see what zany idea their parent is going to bring to their educational journey today...

What a JOY - Spanish is SUPER SILLY and FUN ... and then, maybe OTHER lessons become more fun too!

You can learn something after enduring 20 repetitions of the fact, process, or event, or around 6 times, when the same information is presented through play time. Embrace the fun and luxury of learning.

Don't miss out on the giggles! ... and in the mean time, provide your family with a STELLAR education and brain health.

You hereby have my permission to step OUT OF THE SERIOUS BOX.

You can print this, post it, share with your family if necessary!

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