Local Spanish and Public Speaking Class Schedule (Bryan, Texas)

2023-2024 Wednesdays at the Community Homeschool Center in Bryan, Texas

Classes begin Wednesday, September 6, 2023. Each class session is 55 minutes, unless noted.

Tuition can be paid weekly, monthly, or by the semester. Missed classes are still paid, as students can access any missed classes as a video course with notes on SpanishGeniuses.com 

9:00am: Spanish 2 & 3 (Combo - this is a two-year commitment) - (ages 14+) Beginning Spanish 2 Students, we alternate and go through Spanish grammar and conversation over a two year period of time. You must stay in BOTH years, or you'll only receive HALF of Spanish 2 concepts. At the end of two years, Spanish 2 and Spanish 3 (Reading and discussing novels, writing papers in Spanish, movies, conversation) will be completed.

COST: $10/session

Provided TEXTBOOK & Spanish Guide Spiral: $45 


10:00am: Public Speaking & Communication - 90 minute class for high school students to learn about interpersonal communication while also producing each of the main speeches. Learn to critique, communicate, and understand public speaking while becoming a top notch speaker. Fall Semester: Public Speaking; Spring Semester: Interpersonal Communication (with a little overlap in each semester.)

COST: $45/month  ($25 for December)

Provided TEXTBOOKS & Notes Guide Spirals: $45


11:30am High School Spanish 3/4: (Watch Spanish movies, read Spanish books, keep speaking, teach classes, converse tons.)  30 minutes session weekly. Includes a free subscription to SpanishGeniuses.com for live class speaking sessions with students across the nation. Prerequisite: High School Spanish Level 2

                COST: $10/session - All Texts and materials will be checked out and returned.




12:00pm (Noon): High School Spanish 1A - (ages 12+) - High School Texas State Requirements all fulfilled (and then some!) This class is all of Spanish 1, broken up into two years, so plenty of time for games and speaking in between the grammar concepts and reading. No prior Spanish knowledge required. Recommended for "Young 9th graders" and 8th graders ready for more challenges.

COST: $10/session

Provided TEXTBOOK, audio, & Spanish Guide Spiral: $45



1:00pm: High School Spanish 2: (One year - “regular” track) Students that have completed Spanish 1 may continue in this course after passing Sra. Gose’s Spanish 1 final exam with a 80%. Students who are now married and have children of their own will attest - it’s no easy task! Spanish Two is conducted in about 25% Spanish at the beginning of the year and moves to almost all Spanish instruction except for grammar notes at the end.

                COST: $10/session

               Provided TEXTBOOK, audio, plus Spanish Guide Spiral: $49


2:00pm: High School Spanish 1 - (ages 13+) - High School Texas State Requirements all fulfilled (and then some!) Learn Spanish grammar and vocabulary during class in a fun and entertaining way (ask anyone!), and apply your knowledge as you practice the homework, about 20-30 minutes per day commitment. No prior Spanish knowledge required. 

COST: $10/session  

Provided TEXTBOOK, audio, & Spanish Guide Spiral: $45





 Would you like monthly video access to all three Spanish Genius levels all at once? Subscribe here for All Access.


How to Enroll:
To attend classes at the CHC in Bryan, email the teacher (suzanne.gose@gmail.com) 
to enroll. You’ll receive an email reminder around the first of August. New students’ book money is due Aug 16. (Paypal: suzanne.gose@gmail.com, Venmo @Suzanne-Gose or pay at Open House Aug 16.)

Classes begin Wednesday, September 6, 2023.


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