Live Special Events

Come meet Señora Gose (virtually or in real life!) at these events.

All Live Events are recorded and added to the subscribers' perks. Free for anyone in real time, but if you miss it, just subscribe to view whenever you want!



Spanish Geniuses Live Tutoring and Spanish Speaking Sessions

April 21-23  THSC In Allen, Texas

April 21-23 GHC in Cincinnati, OH

May 5-7 TTD In Pigeon Forge, TN

June 3-4  THSC in Woodlands, TX

June 9-11 HEAV in Richmond, VA

July 8-9 GHC in Round Rock, TX 

and MAYBE!! July 15-16  AFHE In Phoenix, AZ



Charlotte Mason Plenary Co-op Classes

Free for all LIVE Study Skills Seminar @7:30pm Central (Tuesday, Sept. 21, 2021)

Suzanne Gose w/Flip Flop Spanish & Spanish Geniuses is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

October 8, Friday, 10am Central (Sentence starters with I need and I want)
October 12, Tuesday, 12pm Central (Tener phrases) (UPDATED!)
October 14, Thursday, 2pm Central (School subjects and study habits)
October 19, Tuesday, 2pm Central (Time telling and yo form of verbs)
October 25, Monday, 11am Central (Family words and what they like)
October 29, Friday, 10am Central (Student questions - free style!)


Charlotte Mason Inspired Event: Fall Retreat

Zoom Meetings for Live Spanish Geniuses Practice!

November 4 Thursday 2pm - Sentence Starters and nouns
November 9 Tuesday 12noon- Conversational Practice (Mood, greetings, manners, age, introductions)
November 12 Friday 10am - Preferences and opinions (foods, sports, colors)
November 16 Tuesday 1pm Holidays and Birthday vocab
November 29 Monday 3pm - ¿Cómo fue? (How was it?) Past tense practice from the holiday
November 30 Tuesday 2pm - Simple future (Voy a, Vamos a) Talking about the near future