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Check out our most popular product See It and Say It: Whole Family Spanish

Developed for homeschool language educators, simple concepts and words are introduced as pictures. Once the foundation of a new language is established, the program builds the student into a bilingual speaker. Designed specifically for audial, visual, and tactile learning styles.

A full two year Spanish curriculum in a box for ages 3-93.

Ranked top 50 Spanish resource worldwide by Tutorful.


High School Spanish Video Course Señora Gose’s Spanish Geniuses

  • Affordable textbook with audio
  • Access to video lesson library
  • Engaging lessons
  • Foreign language credit
  • Self-paced
  • Suggested Grading Rubric
  • 5 minute Teacher Prep
  • Plenty of Student Engagement
  • Easy to Follow: Watch the video, Practice with homework and CD, Check your answers!
  • Daily Time investment: Less than one hour per day.

A complete High School Spanish I curriculum for all ages.

Supplemental Spanish Products

Motivation and learning is easy with our other items like calendars, flash cards, audio CDs, games, workbooks, interactive activities, local & online classes and even t-shirts!

Simple, short lessons that stick and build, Flip Flop Spanish has something for every member of the family. Keep it chunky and light, learn with your child. It's best for both of you!


Thank you for visiting us today! As homeschool educators ourselves we have everything you need to teach Spanish in your home without stress or worry.

The Flip Flop Spanish methodology is all about relationship and motivation. When your child is motivated, learning a second language becomes a joy, a wonderful journey. Flip Flop Spanish includes proven methods and necessary interaction, emulating the Charlotte Mason methodology of language acquisition. Our premium product teaches any brain to absorb language just like a baby learns: naturally.

"Learning Spanish is more than singing a song or clicking the correct picture on a computer screen. Those activities appear useful, but without interaction and communication, clicking and singing simply is not the same thing as learning skills and then using a new tool: SPANISH."
-Sra. Gose

Señora Gose developed this method over ten years of actual use in her weekly homeschool classes achieving a 100% success rate. There has not been a single student that didn't learn Spanish to date; this includes:

    • Toddlers
    • Young children
    • Elementary
    • Middle school
    • High school
    • College students
    • Adults
    • Seniors
    • Persons with Autism
    • Competitive siblings
    • The totally uninterested
    • U.S. Marines

Our products taught Spanish to a 93 year old WW2 Army General to stave off Alzheimer's and even the graphic designer who worked on the flash cards learned Spanish. (And he didn't even want to!)

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