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Coming Soon: Spanish Fun Activity Calendar Level 2

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Designed for the busiest of families, you can use the Spanish Fun Activity Calendar as your main curriculum, or as a supplement.

Learn Spanish at the Speed of Life!

-Handy Spanish: never lose your textbook, just hang it on the wall!

-Learn Spanish at your child's pace and track your progress by adding one useful word per day. Say the word of the day three times, color and label the word in the month's mural, and your Spanish lesson is done for the day ~ all on the way to the breakfast table!

-Each practical vocabulary word is strategically laid out so that every Friday, you and your child will know a complete sentence by using your newfound vocabulary from that week.

-The twelve months' dates are left open so you can start any month, any year.

-With a handy pronunciation guide, as well as phonetic spelling throughout, the Spanish Fun Activity Calendar makes acquiring a second language simple, fun, and hands-on for all ages of students.

The ebook version is included when you purchase the physical version, and you have the audio handy with EITHER option!

SiSi Level 1

This is a WONDERFUL add-on to See it and Say it Level 1 or See it and Say it Level 2 - Students who are the oldest of the bunch often enjoy being challenged with just "one more word" than their younger siblings. So if you have one of those go-getters, this is a GREAT optional add-on to your hands-on SiSi Short Spanish lessons!


Here's a Lesson Video we made for They Call Me Blessed Sisterhood, but you can watch too!

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