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Practical Homeschooling Spanish Curriculum Reader Awards 2015-2018

When you're running a business you have to toot your own horn🎺 all the time, or your great products that help solve people's problems might get overlooked.

Every business exists to help solve a problem, but if you don't tell anyone about your solution you're not being very helpful are you? So, it's always nice when somebody else will TOOT📢 it for you and share their experiences on how our curricula helped them overcome their difficulties!   

Practical Homeschooling Awards 2019-2022

Every year we are pleasantly surprised to find another certificate in the snail-mail📬 or open an email📧 from the great magazines, homeschooling parents, and online retailers that have independently tested our products.  We're very proud to have won these certificates📜 and we want to share them; since you, the readers, are the reason we can.

Tutorful Spanish Curriculum Award

Homeschooling Hearts & Minds review:

I don’t think I’ve ever used a homeschool program that was more self-explanatory…I was very impressed with the amount of thought and care put into packaging this product.  I knew exactly how to put it together and how to use it within a few minutes---gold to a busy mama...

...Implementation requires literally no brain power and no prior knowledge of Spanish.  The manual tells you exactly what to do.  Each lesson is taught using audio tracks (each lesson has multiple very short tracks, so it’s easy to find your place if you have stop mid-lesson). Click here to read the whole review.

His Mercy Is New review:

The very first thing I noticed about this product was the package as I opened it up…it is SUPER user-friendly! That is always a HUGE bonus for me as a mom. I tend to shy away from programs where I have to do hours of reading and planning before starting it. Honestly, those programs get shelved at my house. I just don’t have enough time in my days to spend hours preparing for something and then hours implementing it. As you open the box from Flip Flop Learning, there are directions right there – inside the open box from the company – telling you what to do first!! Love it!

...I’ve often had people ask me about Spanish curriculum and I have told them about the various programs I’ve tried but never had one I could wholeheartedly recommend! Well, I believe that has now changed with the introduction to Flip Flop’s Spanish program See It & Say It! I think it’s great! Click here to read the whole review.

Practical Homeschooling Spanish Curriculum Reader Awards 2016

Bright Hub Education review:

Flip Flop Learning has created a program that allows students to acquire vocabulary and communication skills as they complete auditory, visual, and kinesthetic activities. See It and Say It includes flashcards with vocabulary and pictures, CD’s for auditory guidance, and a manual as a visual aide. A variety of enrichment ideas are spelled out within the curriculum and fun activities complement each lesson.  Click here to read the whole review.

A Class of One review:

That's a funny name!  That was one of the first statements my 8 year old daughter made when we first received and opened our package of materials. The name comes from the concept of taking flash cards with pictures on one side and Spanish words on the other, and 'flipping them over' and 'flopping them down' to make short sentences. This is a very kid-friendly curriculum. The flash cards have colorful pictures of children, animals, and everyday objects. Click here to read the whole review.

Practical Homeschooling Spanish Curriculum Reader Awards 2017

A Learning Journey review:

My husband and I believe it's important that Alyssa learns another language and has the chance to become bilingual. Her interest in learning how to speak Spanish has grown tremendously over the years. I read "Everyone Should Be Bilingual" by the author Suzane Gose on the importance of being bilingual in today's society. Click here to read the whole review.

Mama Of Many Blessings review:

Something that made the lessons very fun and engaging for the kids was the fact that the lessons are multi-sensorial. This made it so that all of my children no matter what way they learned best would enjoy learning spanish. Some of the fun games that are played during this program are charades, guess the word, Pictionary (on the paddle white board,) and other fun games. Because each of the lessons has different ways for the children to learn it kept all of my children engaged.

The program makes starting very easy which is something that is wonderful for our busy household. Each of the lessons tells you exactly what to teach/say and gives you clear directions on what needs to be done for the week. They provide you with a list of the cards that will be needed so that you have everything prepared ahead of time. Click here to read the whole review.

Practical Homeschooling Spanish Curriculum Reader Awards 2018

Treasuring Life's Blessings review:

From the very 1st lesson, you start assembling simple sentences such as "Me gusta el helado" (I like ice cream). Not only do you have immersion with this curriculum listening to Senora Gose's easy-to-understand voice, you also have a picture for each word so it really helps reinforce the word both visually & audibly at the same time. The curriculum encourages you to flip the word over & flop it down as you say it but with teaching several kids at a time we didn't do this. I had the kids sit in a circle & point to the words instead.
Older kids are encouraged to write sentences using the words they have learned which is what my older ones have done. Each time they were presented with new words, they wrote them in their notebook then later in the week they wrote sentences using these words which really helped reinforce what they were learning. Click here to read the whole review.

My Homeschool Reviews:

At first glance, it may not seem like learning only 160 words would result in much Spanish, but first glance would be completely and totally wrong. The genius of this program is in how quickly you are up and running speaking real and meaningful Spanish. Other programs begin with grammar (and, I'll be honest, I usually prefer this approach) and can take a long time to get to speaking. That can be discouraging to many kids. This program is completely the opposite. Your kids will be speaking Spanish the very first day and for that reason, they will love to come back to it the next day! Plus, the sentences are fun! Click here to read the whole review.

We love to win awards, but that's not our goal.  We want to help people teach Spanish to their children, that's our first, best purpose.  We think that our passion for writing great language learning products for homeschoolers is what shines through...and THAT is what wins awards. 🎖

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