Silly in Spanish Category Two (Drawing out of Context)

Method #2 to increase silliness -

Out of context DRAWING! Adding ANY sort of action to your learning environment increases absorption. Drawing, doodling, coloring, or scribbling gives the hand eye coordination a workout while helping any student with performance anxiety a new focus - looking down at their hands rather than at someone's face, where they may typically look for approval. When you, the parent, leader, and instructor, join in the drawing activity, the relaxation and enjoyment grows exponentially. 

You're showing vulnerability, creativity, and dedication to the event. You're MODELING learning in various ways. The truth is, whatever YOU value, your children value. (This may be one of the reasons they have resistance to learning some subjects... but that's a blog for another day.) Add in a silly item to your drawing, maybe an ice cream cones upside down in a tree... (think: circle with a triangle on top.) and the learning lesson time immediately turns into a favorite memory, because you've added something unexpected, which almost always turns to giggles. So, add some simple drawings to your next lesson with Spanish words and colors you know already.

Hay un helado aquí. (There's an ice cream here.)

Al revés - upside down.


Then repeat: Hay _______________ aquí.
Al revés.

It can be ANY word you know in Spanish. Truly. You'll want to check back if there's no video below with demonstrations - I'll be adding one!


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