Silly in Spanish Category One (Using Opposites)

Did you know....Once we remove unnecessary boundaries during learning, the absorption increases.

Memories become deeper and more poignant, relational intelligence increases, and endorphins are released. The children will sleep better tonight, and be MORE eager to learn the next time, looking for that incredible adrenaline rush when they get to see what zany idea their parent is going to bring to their educational journey today... What a JOY - Spanish is SUPER SILLY and FUN ... and then, maybe OTHER lessons become more fun too!

It's true - typically, the average human can learn something (add it to longterm memory) after 20 times of repetition, or around 6 times, when the same information is presented through play time.

Embrace the fun and luxury of learning. Don't miss out on the giggles! ... and in the mean time, provide your family with a STELLAR education and brain health. 


Here's a way to start. Method #1: Say something simple while looking at a photo of a big house: "La casa es grande." And everyone nods. They may even repeat the sentence. (The house is big.) When you have a big grin on your face and respond with "La casa es pequeña!" Not only is the cognition increased in your child's attention span and understanding, but you've created a BETTER memory - laughter, smiles, connection, and happy feelings relating to learning Spanish, and LEARNING in general gives your student (and you!) of ANY age eager to learn more, improve wit, and ENJOY the process. Put together some opposite adjectives in Spanish, and giggle your way to fluency.

Here's a list, and a little lesson on how practice saying them. Step one, copy these down. Making flashcards is a great way to practice.

Opposite Adjectives 

grande ~ pequeño
big  ~  small

negro ~ blanco
black ~ white

bonito ~ feo
pretty ~ ugly

largo  ~  corto
long ~ short

alto ~ bajo
tall ~ short

flaco ~ gordo
skinny ~ fat

cómico ~ serio
funny ~ serious


  If you liked that lesson video, you might like the whole set of free lessons!



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