Do NOT go to a Homeschool Convention This Year

Homeschool Conventions are the last place on earth for a nice family like yours this summer. Listen to me, and stay far far away.

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You and your children already understand that learning is a JOB, and there's only ONE location to do it. If you go a homeschool convention, you'll for sure be exposed to alternate ways and locations to not only learn, but even alternate subjects to study! There's a HUGE possibility that your children may wander around the exhibit hall full of learning and teaching resources and get really excited about robotics, or writing their own adventure novel, or accidentally figure out some construction math while planning and building their own fort. They may unintentionally learn science in real life by discovering a curiosity for seeds and plants, or even worse, turn into someone who values wildlife and the outdoors and accidentally learn details and facts to a depth of scientific and biological knowledge that the textbooks in their public school don't even have in the table of contents. What if they don't stay on the scope and sequence of their own grade level? 

I mean, you can't risk it.

Honestly, after you see the thousands of curriculum options for yourself, you'll for sure need a restroom break, and have to speak to some volunteer who will likely be a well-mannered young adult which will challenge your belief that teens are all up to no good. THEN, you will no longer be fearful of all the teenaged peers, and will start thinking that young adults are possibly capable, interesting humans who are looking to improve their atmosphere, and not just get higher numbers on a spreadsheet with their name at the top for bigger scholarships for the next grade... 13th grade, now known as "college."

On top of that, you'll likely want to sit down and rest your feet, and you'll end up  listening to the tripe that the keynote speakers are going to spew. They'll for sure challenge the traditional scope of thought you've been operating under for at least two generations, and heavens-to-betsy, what kind of holiday will you have if you break the mold and allow your own children to have input on what their education looks like BEFORE COLLEGE?  The Thanksgiving table would be a little tense. And that's too big of a risk for your kids' educational journey.

Beyond holiday meals with the in-laws, your children might learn so much before college in their area of interest, that they don't even need a debt-funded empty degree because the entrepreneurial lessons available with all their free time could allow them to start their own business, earn their own money, and they might end up skipping college ALL TOGETHER. What about your alma mater????!!! They were going to be LEGACY STUDENTS!

Beyond the learning options, you know that you know that the local school's agenda fits with yours perfectly, all the politics and faith of each teacher in charge of your child(ren) for the bulk of every week day completely matches your own belief system, and if not, diversity is the best policy. If you end up (heaven forbid) getting brain-washed into homeschooling, you would indelibly connect with your own children because of the gigantic increase of time you had with them, and some of their tendencies would annoy you, and then you would correct those, so they would be WEIRD... those kids of yours would probably turn into sociable and polite humans, and become great conversationalists, humorous and fun to be around, which is QUITE different from most of their public-schooled counterparts of the same age. 


Another point the speakers will make (they do every year, truly) is that teaching your own children is actually really fun and enjoyable, and takes just a fraction of the time each day that it takes to teach an entire classroom of children from different backgrounds and learning styles. When it's your own child, they're going to say that you're able to be more effective and efficient, so not only do they learn in a deeper way, but more quickly. That would be AWFUL, because you'll have so much fun, you may end up regretting your high income career and decide to cut back to a part time job or a single income family even, as you find out that spending all this extra time together is actually worth cutting corners, clipping coupons, growing a garden, and cutting down on restaurants and vacations. When life is empty of all those hard-lined schedules, early mornings, late nights, and packed full weekends, you just don't crave a vacation from this life. Living weekend to weekend, holding your breath for the next breakaway from the rat race isn't so necessary any more.

And, really... you wouldn't want to give up that expensive yearly trip, would you? It's TRADITION! 

So.. do NOT go to a homeschool convention. It could very well be life-changing.


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Feel free to share the video or blog with your homeschool opponents! See you at one (or more) of these conventions!

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