Silly in Spanish Category 4 (Using Food!)

We've used FOOD in SO many ways throughout our homeschooling journey spanning more than two decades!

Often we make food dishes to show and experience culture, many times to substitute for a fidget device, and regularly just to get something into one of our more talkative kids' mouths so they can LISTEN to the read-aloud!

Well, here we are again! How can we create a FUN memory around Spanish learning?

Incorporate food! You have a fridge and a pantry and it likely has food in it. Take out six items or so, learn them in Spanish (getting a cheat sheet for yourself is TOTALLY ok.) and then ask your children which combinations would they like.

They'll probably start with a common pairing.
"Quiero queso con jamón." (I want cheese with ham.)
"Quiero huevos con tocino." (I want eggs with bacon.)

That's not where the indelible learning comes in. It's when YOU say YOUR statement, "Quiero chocolate con pizza."

The giggles will become immediate, and they can begin listening and repeating and stacking up the food you're mentioning! So - go learn some food words from your Flip Flop Spanish flash cards!

 Here's an example! 


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