Where's the Spanish Alphabet Lesson?

Because See it and Say it Flip Flop Spanish teaches how to speak Spanish in the same way we learned our first language, the alphabet is not a focus. We learn to communicate what the NEEDs, WANTS, and LIKES are first, and once your brain is accustomed and comfortable with that, more depth, more vocabulary, is added. Nouns are the first thing our brains want to communicate about. So that's what the cards show. However, since we are older, we want to make a phrase, which is why you can build a complete sentence within the first three minutes of your lessons with SiSi - build from success to success!
So, adjectives like colors and numbers come much much later.
SiSi Level 1, Lesson 9 Covers Colors
SiSi Level 1, Lesson 26 has a break week to Cover Numbers. They are listed there.
Here's an extended lesson on the vowels and letters and how they sound for the scholar level students (ages 12 and up). I made it viewable for anyone, not just subscribers.
You'll see a page with the vowels and sounds on it in your SiSi manual as well. 🙂  https://spanishgeniuses.vhx.tv/videos/spanish-geniuses-live-practice-alphabet-and-phonics-nov-1


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