Saving Money on Spanish Classes

A lot of homeschoolers are single income families and always on a budget. Buying used curriculum, using your library card, and choosing ebooks is a GREAT way to stretch the dollar.

Here at Flip Flop Spanish headquarters, we're SUPER aware of the value of a dollar, and want to help. Here are some low cost ways to get started. I tried to go lowest cost to higher cost.

1) One word a day: My Spanish Fun Activity Calendar ebook comes with audio. Choose the download, and you can use it year after year, coloring, labeling, and making flashcards. Print one copy for the whole family, or a separate page for each child. Gently learn the days of the week or months of the year! < $7

2) Flashcards. Just one se of flashcards has 45 words, and literally HUNDREDS of sentences. < $14

3) BINGO games. If you do one game every two weeks (one week to color the words and learn sentences, the second week to play, you have a FULL YEAR of fun lessons for you and your family! < $15

CLASSES.... Classes in our area are $10 to $15 per week per student. Here are ways to save on classes:

4) Join a co-op! MANY Co-ops around the nation are using See it and Say it with Worksheets and games. If you can't find one, you can start one! If that's not your style, we even have an online here for the Fall of 2021 at the Charlotte Mason Plenary.

5) Junior High and High School Classes: With a video subscription for $35/month, you can have ALL your pre-teens and teens move at their own pace, and save more than 50%


What other ideas have you found to save money when you're looking for quality Spanish Instruction?


Oh! I thought of one more - we do have an affiliate program. If you'd like to share a link that earns you 5% on Flip Flop Spanish products, or $10/subscriber, email us with the word AFFILIATE in your subject, and you can make your Spanish love earn you money each time you share!

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