How subscriptions changed me...

Confession time.... I used to DESPISE SUBSCRIPTIONS

Even the idea of a subscription used to really make me twitch. It's why I resisted teaching any online classes for TWO DECADES. But because many of my Flip Flop families pointed out that I could provide VIDEOs for 24/7 access that my students could watch, pause, review, and watch again. .... I began recording, editing, uploading.
They could access each Spanish lesson for $10 at a time 
(and still can! Just click here!)

That worked really well... but THEN came the request to save money for students who moved faster, or families who had more than one student at a time at different learning levels.

So we moved ALL the content to a SPANISH GENIUSES SUBSCRIPTION site. ALL the Spanish levels, ALL ACCESS all the time! No having to search for your credit card, or remember which lesson you were on, or forgetting to purchase, print and download before the week was here.

Not only did I see the rigor and pace of my Spanish Students increase as these homeschooling scholars begin to own their own education, but I decided to give the same freedom to my teens and tweens at home. And WOW! I'm so glad I did! Full access to a video course pack gave them the ownership to take the reins in a new way and truly dig deeper and work harder than waiting on my pacing or what I thought they "should" be doing and how fast.

Students who were ready to self manage their education began FLOURISHING, and I saw my own children move at a faster, more rigorous pace in the subscriptions I had shied away from before. Homeschooled high schoolers are true scholars, and a subscription to a course pack has been a GIANT blessing in all four of my teens' lives. I'm so glad I was able to finally SEE the need for a subscription for my own students.


I'm so grateful - I wish I had known sooner that subscription sites gave such freedom to students to really soar.

"Hooray! I helped!" 


With new subscribers, forums, and a whole new learning community, I decided to offer fun, relaxed Spanish conversation practice as well as Q&A tutoring once a week. No pressure, no REQUIREMENTS for attendance - just a bonus. Turns out that I LOVE IT! ... and the Geniuses do too!

The new relationships we have from elementary to high schoolers, from Alaskans to Houstonians.

I offer a short list of words at the beginning of our time, and they grow in confidence, laughter, understanding and passion! It's truly the highlight of my week!


Word got around... as it does...Other homeschooling families (in my local circle) heard about these sessions and asked how to participate for their teens - but they already have a class with me. I realized I could offer this to them EVEN if they already have a class... in fact, ANYONE can use this fun practice time!

NOW YOU CAN JUST ADD IT IN! So, *tah dah*, now you can supplement ANY Spanish curriculum or program with fun, engaging Spanish practice. Low stress, high effectiveness.

You can get THREE full MONTHS of live Spanish speaking sessions for just a single payment of $49.

If I went to a home to tutor a family in Spanish, or set up a zoom session for just one family, I charge $50 for a single Spanish session. So, you're getting the same tutoring options for THREE MONTHS for less than the cost of one session!

Click here to watch a short clip of some of our past practice sessions!

This option disappears on January 1, so sign up now!


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