When is it time to change?

This is often the portion of the year when there are hiccups... The "new smell" of Homeschooling has worn off, and we've arrived at some maintenance points. Being together all the time is becoming a little too "all the time," and we're wondering what we signed up for. The kids are changing, some too fast, others not fast enough, and they all want to eat EVERY SINGLE DAY. It's just all so DAILY. And gosh, the next holiday isn't soon enough!

So... what to do? Let's change it up. Here are some GREAT changes you can make inside or outside of just your See it and Say it Spanish (Or Spanish Geniuses!) lessons:

Change location... Under the kitchen table was always a favorite... and it reminded the sweeping kid to sweep. Or grab a beach towel and sit on that (it's like an indoor picnic for flashcards!) Or outside... outside is ALWAYS a great choice. Scroll down to see my own little kiddos practicing Spanish numbers outside.

Change the time... do your Spanish lesson with breakfast or snack time. Or late at night. Or on the road! - I LOVE those little road stops along the Texas Highways. USE ONE!

Change the content... We need two new cards! (or how every many children you have) Look up the word for a new food! Or an animal, or an accessory! Or an emotion! Throw it in the mix! Here's another idea - watch a movie in Spanish with the Movie Magic Spanish Guide!

Change the background... put some soft instrumental music on and see what happens. Maybe it's awful, but maybe it's great!

Change the audience..."We've invited our elderly neighbor to sit in as a student today!" (Or grandma, or the mail man... etc)

Change the dress code... everyone must wear a hat/scarf/gloves/mask today. No mask? Washable markers will do the trick. I promise I've tried it. They really do wash off easily...

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  • Mary on

    My freshman in highschool so likes to do flupflop Spanish flopped in his beanbag chair. He’s had 2 teachers before this in person at school and struggled both times. He just didn’t understand it. He’s neuro divergente but after the first lesson of Sra Gose’s Spanish he could write and create his own sentences, read and pronounce the words correctly and answer questions about the cards. He said, “Thats it? Spanish is easy, I love it!” Thank you! We ❤️ our FlipFlop!

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