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I'm always looking at the WHY behind people do ANYthing. I think that's one of the main reasons families actually learn Spanish from my products - I wanted to know WHY people learn and WHY they don't. Well. I'll get to that later. That's sort of its own blogpost, really.

This blogpost is about WHY I care about Flip Flop Spanish winning Practical Homeschooling's Reader Awards. Again! (Last year, we received third, and I was STILL thrilled. But this year, the thrill is higher.)

There are truly only three reasons I do anything.

1) To show love to another.

2) To affect some positive outcome in someone's life (this includes my own).

3) To see if I can.

 Creating Flip Flop Spanish, more than a decade ago (whoa!) was truly based on number three. I was already spending hours upon hours studying and learning how little learners acquire a second language, and then how do I make that possible for moms at home, during the "Homework Hours."

As I taught the myriad of learning styles, ages, and interests, I saw that those students ALSO mostly had three reasons for learning.

1) To please the teacher

2) To get a reward (candy/trinket/sticker/prize)

3) To see if they can.


Let's start at the bottom and move up. The #3 type of kiddos are awesome - they have intrinsic motivation. They want to do it, to speak, to listen, to comprehend because they WANT TO. That's awesome (and easy!) The second type of student wants to get an award, a reward, a prize. This isn't too bad either - they don't want to LOSE a prize either, so that's how I manage classroom discipline! Every one gets rewarded for showing up, then they have a stake, a motivation, for maintaining their learning atmosphere for the duration of the class = to KEEP THAT PRIZE!

 And finally, the last type is #1 - they want to please you. (Or me.) 

 This is ALSO great news. You just have to be willing to give out approval easily, quickly, fluidly. All we have to do when an action is not desired is get a little quieter. The teacher's response of lack of enthusiasm may as well be the razor strap. 

So. Back to Practical Homeschooling's awards... I want to PLEASE YOU! I want you to be happy with your purchase, and I want you to enjoy your learning journey - but MOSTLY, I want you to learn Spanish. 

Thank you, to everyone who voted, and to every one who shares posts, and tells their friends about Flip Flop Spanish and See it and Say it. 




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