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Homeschooling Hacks: SIMPLIFY!

After about 6 years of homeschooling, and all five were in the mix, K-6th grade, I realized we pretty much answered the same questions about everything we read. So I typed it up! We have used this little worksheet for years, with just a few adjustments. I've shared with pretty much every new homeschooler who asked me for it.... and then I forgot about it for a while (though we still use it weekly!)

It has helped give the children "jumping off points" for narration (Charlotte Mason Style), writing their own creative stories, book reports, and basic comprehension. Knowing what they're going to be asked also helps with critical listening skills.

This week, I had a friend mention that fun Chapter guide I made a few years back for my kiddos, and I thought - that probably will help a LOT more people, not just Alicia and Candice. So! Here it is! Enjoy, and share away!


Our children are now in 6th - 12th grade, and they STILL will be using it. Hope this helps you!

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  • Kambra Ferry on

    Thinking fondly of our gymnastics days ;)

    I just saw this as I was looking into Spanish 1 for Seth…Thanks a bunch!

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