Pros and Cons of FULL stop and keeping on (Year Round)

Are you still plugging away at your school lessons? Or maybe you've already begun that lovely portion of the school year called "summer break!

Let's talk a little about the pros and cons of breaks and NOT taking breaks during the school year.

First, let's follow the pocket book $$$:  Curriculum costs! One of the most wonderful parts of homeschooling is getting to choose from the plethora of tools out there. When you continue to have lessons year round, many things happen, and one is that you don't lose the textbooks - each item sort of stays in the circulation, and gets more use. The lessons continue very naturally, and you accidentally get more for your money, because there's no stopping point on the calendar. In short, you finish more books. (Not that it's necessary!)

But, wait summer break also = $$$ because of those lovely Homeschool Group used book sales! You stop lessons at a certain time, you price the old stuff, and use the profits to go find new used books for next year. With year round schooling, it's harder to find a stopping spot. So, being able to sell your books at a certain time is a huge bonus to the pocket book as well!

Second, what about learning? As of yet, from my more than 27 years of teaching public school, private classes, and our own children, I just haven't experienced a year that we can say that summer breaks are more conducive to learning than taking small breaks throughout the year. Our family has done it both ways. In general, SLOW AND STEADY wins the race!

The years we took a full 6 or 8 weeks, our kids even recognized that they had lost a LOT of expertise in math, typing, vocabulary, and even in Spanish use! So, they keep it going on its own, even when not required. (Smart cookies!) 

Year round offers better learning retention, practice and skills, but at times could potentially lead to burn out. Here, I even made a video for you. Basically.... if you need a break, TAKE A BREAK! If you want to keep going, then by all means, KEEP GOING!

I truly hope this helps. You have my permission to do what works best for you.

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