The Company is GROWING!

I don't know if you know all our team members here at the Flip Flop Spanish family... But over the years, the company has SHRUNK dramatically! Back 15 years ago, it was just me, Suzanne, Señora Gose.

Happily, I added our eldest son, Mitch, in as a booth mate, traveling companion, and company representative in 2010 - at the ripe old age of 9! As the company grew up, so did the family, and each child took on responsibilities in testing, marketing, building products, and finally even distributing orders. Each of the five children have taken part earning money in various ways as they worked for the Family Business! We only have TWO workers left now, of the five. Liesel helps with marketing and data entry, and Audie is our main assembler and distributor.

Two and a half years ago, my husband joined the family business full time. He had been the tech guru, website builder, and head motivator... Now he's the graphic designer, inventory clerk, and traveling booth mate. Many of you have met him at the conventions across the nation.

And THIS MONTH, we grew again! We don't have investors, warehouses, or any other employees. We are excited that we get to pay other small companies for contract labor like Virtual Assistant, Videography, and some social media help here and there... but now we have just added a NEW FULL TIME employee.

Introducing Flip (short for Philip), our newest team member at Flip Flop Spanish. He is the  head motivator of the Simplification Department.

Our task at Flip Flop Spanish is to make learning a second language SIMPLE, ACCESSIBLE, and SUSTAINABLE for homeschooling families. "Flip the Flash Card" is the MAIN tool and command for learning a new language.

Hear the word, see the item, say the word.

BOOM. Flip breaks the language down, simplifying it and motivating the families to communicate Spanish quickly and easily with short lessons.

We hope you'll enjoy watching Flip these coming months as he gives you the tools and motivation to learn Spanish the same way you learned your first language - simply, slowly, and without stress! 

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