Keep your Atmosphere Full of Learning - Tips and Tricks for Daily Spanish

How do we keep Spanish around us? I have three quick, simple tips for you to implement right away.

One is with a binder ring! Hole punch your flashcard for the week - just 6 or so at a time - no more than ten! Once they're on the ring, pop that little handy learning flip-style learning tool into .... the silverware drawer! Think about how many times you or your kids open that drawer. Pick it up, flip it through, say the words! Tah-dah, instant lifestyle of learning. (Pssssst....This works with flash cards of historical figures, biology terms, math facts too! - but only ten at a time or fewer.)


TWO The second tip is to keep the card actually around you. The little wooden stand we have holds three or four or five cards at a time, and you and your family will love moving those words around to send messages back and forth. The window sill, the counter top, the little table in the hallway that holds nothing at all? Place it there and say the words every time you pass it. Make a sentence, change it up, ask a question.


THREE: The third and easiest tip is by making or buying some sort of poster with Spanish on it. The Spanish Fun Activity Calendar exists because of my challenge to my students a decade ago - one word a day for the entire summer. How did I challenge them? By asking them to paste the calendar page on their bedroom door. And it WORKED! So now we're working on Spanish Fun Activity Calendar Level 2! Hopefully it'll be out by this summer too!

Which one will you use? Comment below -

Or need more ideas? Here are other ways to make the same items work.

1) The binder ring can hang on your key hook, a thumbtack in the wall, or even on a hat hook. Anywhere you walk by, hang the flash cards at eyesight height!

2) Don't have the wooden card holder? Grab some painters tape, and add one or two cards (picture side out, not word side) to your cabinet doors, windows, bathroom mirror - once you know it, swap it! 

3) And the poster board or calendar idea? Honestly, any largish scrap of paper will do. Label a butterfly body parts, colors, landscape - any drawing has something in Spanish on it - label and post, post and label! 


Your lifestyle of learning is all around you! Make it happen!
Do you like these tips? I have a WHOLE YouTube Channel Full of them!

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