I'm having a great day!

Ok, not really.

I'm having a blah day.
But what we say makes a difference.

Spanish DucklingSo I'm looking at the beautiful, bright sunflower photo, and finding the blessings to say aloud. The "say it aloud" part makes a difference. I may draw some stares from the ducklings in my office (yeah, we live on a farm, ducklings sometimes are in my office.) Here we go! Change it up and say it with me!


I get to make new Homeschool Spanish Bingo Games today!

I get to draw today!

I get to see all of my kids today. Like, ALL DAY!

I get to work while I still have bed head. (Sorry, not taking a picture of that!)

The sun is shining and I have a beautiful view.

The family is healthy and shows it with their noise level!


This homeschool life is sometimes hard, sometimes isolating, and sometimes feels rudderless. I'm putting my oar in and giving myself a new direction today! Join me!

I just got a serge of optimism. #homeschoolrevolution

Share some optimism today, say your blessings aloud, and pray for those who don't have as many blessings as you: (Hint they do! Let's help them find them!)

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