How about when they refuse to learn?


This one is a doozy. If a child refuses to learn Spanish or anything, as a homeschool mom, we feel like failures. We wonder what happened, what did we do wrong?

Here are a few steps to help you figure out your next move. (That's right, you have to figure it out. You know your family best.)

Question #1: What's the student's main personality?
Likely, they are strong-willed and rebellious. Don't get mad. I mean, look at their parents. Homeschoolers are automatically rebels. If you weren't, you'd have put your children on the big yellow bus this morning. You're a rebel, and you're strong willed. It takes a LOT to not do whatever everyone else on the block is doing.


Question #2: Based on your answer to number one, will typical methods engage them in learning?
Probably not, right? I mean, that's why you're homeschooling. This student of yours does NOT like being told what to do....kind of like their parents.


Question #3: What are the options?
Just like you: you didn't like the offering for education for your family, yet you have to educate them. So, what were your options? You chose homeschooling as the best option for you.

Provide your child with some options. "You must learn Spanish. Here are some options. You choose which one you want to do." You can find many just from our own Flip Flop Spanish Curriculum homepage:
~watch a movie,
~play bingo,
~make sentences out of Spanish Flashcards,
~open workbook,
~study a bilingual reader book...

...and of course there are countless more options across the internet, but that can sometimes overwhelm...


This method of asking questions works with almost all homeschooling questions and obstacles. I have even made a flowchart to help you navigate those obstacles. You can set up an appointment with me, or just get the Homing School Guide now. I like to help!

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