Free Video Spanish Lesson For Ages 10 and up: How to ask for help in Spanish

How do we ask for help - politely, concisely, and easily?

Grab 6 flash cards and make some sentences. Repeat after me, and then build your own sentences based on the order in the video. Add whatever nouns you want afterwards. My favorite resource for accurate noun translation is

                          excuse me - perdón (pehr-DOHN)

6 FLASHCARDS: drawing on one side and Spanish/English on the other OR Spanish on one side, English on the other. It depends on your need and learning style. I've number the six MOST useful flash cards. Add more as you see fit or helpful to your circumstances. Be sure to try it out with someone today!

1) I need - Necesito (neh-seh-SEE-toh)
2) I would like - Me gustaría (meh goo-stah-REE-ah)

3) the help - la ayuda (lah-YOO-dah)

4) with - con
    this thing - esta cosa
    this (pronoun) - ésta

5) buscar - looking for/ to look for (boo-SKAHR) 
6) comprar - buying/ to buy (kohm-PRAHR)
pedir - ordering
llamar - calling

Click here for the free Spanish Video lesson on - plus more free class time clips, fun tips, and Spanish Learning tricks!

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