Chaos surrounds you, what do you notice?

We had a chaotic week last week. Actually, just I had a chaotic week. My hubby and teens did great.

I currently have some difficult relationship navigating that is taking a LOT of my brain space. It seemed last week, every single day presented me with new information about things I did not want to tend to, and that I was not prepared to process! Have you ever had a week like that? 

I'm a verbal processor, so without talking it out, the drama sort of just lives in my brain, rent free, mind you, until I can usher it out the door through my mouth. I literally can NOT think without talking. *I know.* My poor husband. Yes. Pray for him.

Well, at the end of that week, I was still a mess, but my facebook posts, as always, hit the highlights. It's funny, I never discuss my brain space, my heartaches, frustrations, or disappointments very often on facebook. To me, that social space is for uplifting comments, encouraging others, or making people laugh. Never for venting or languishing. Ok, not often.

So I make it through the whole weekend, sort of numb, and here comes Monday with my trusty VA meeting. And I VENT. I let go of all the frustration and chaos right all over her. Poor thing. She's a champ. And what does SHE notice? She notices the facebook posts! She immediately helped me to see the wonderful small things, which are actually the BIG things.

(And yes, she said to make this into a blog post. Smart lady, helping me to help you while she helps me. What? She's a genius, I tell you.)

"Suzanne, didn't you enjoy these three big things?"

YES! YES I DID! In the midst of what felt like a raging ocean of hormones, emotions, and disappointments, I had some WONDERFUL perks!

BLESSING 1) I was blessed to receive visits from BOTH of my grown sons - two different visits in ONE week! Wow! They each live about an hour away from us, but they chose to come, uninvited simply to spend time with me, with us, to be around us. THAT'S A WIN! And how much I enjoyed being with each of them!

BLESSING 2) My youngest daughter, 14 years old, prepared a LOVELY, detailed picnic for us on Saturday. I'm talking home made strawberry smoothies and fresh veggies, hummus, crackers, three different types of cheese, pretzels, peanut butter and orange slices! All packed in a basket with a blanket and a view. It was HEAVEN. The sun was dappled, the breeze was crisp, and the goats came around, to inspect us, but happily my son hopped around and shooed them away to not come too close - they like carrots and hummus too, after all. We went back to the pond, ate until we were full, and I read aloud to her (don't forget the voices, Momma) Little Women (her choice!) while she embroidered. 


BLESSING 3) Our youngest son, 16 years old, happily and willingly learned to make yet another new full dinner, start to finish, while I sat at the bar top, and edited my pastor's newest sequel to his book series (Thrones of the Watchers - Shameless plug for awesome Pastor Paul!)

Frankly, it was a stellar week. And to think, I almost missed it. Because I was drowning in the emotions of an overriding feeling of chaos. Count your blessings friend - they are ABUNDANT! And if you can't see them, take a quick look at your Facebook posts for the week. I bet those are the best parts of your month. Let's be sure to remember them.

And because I'm a Spanish teacher - what words did you already know from this little graphic. Which one can you add to your Personal Learning Dictionary?

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