What's the Difference between Flip Flop Spanish & Spanish Geniuses?

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Today we get to talk about the differences between Flip Flop Spanish and Spanish Geniuses. What are all the differences? I've gotten a lot of questions this week, especially with the back to school flurry!

Flip Flop Spanish. Let's start with the younger ages. If you have a kindergartner, as young as three years old, all the way up to 13, 14, or 15, and any of those ages in between, you're going to want See it and Say it Flip Flop Spanish.

It's a full set, two years of curriculum that is fit for the whole family. Everything is in there for you. You don't need anything else except for a set of blank index cards. Back when I started, we just cut grocery store index cards in half. Then one of my friends pointed out that they weren't the same size as the flashcards, so we do have blanks now, that are exactly the same size as your Flip Flop Flash Cards.

So if you want to, you can add a set of blanks, that way they can be the same size. Now, you're set for two years. You pop it in a binder when you get home, everything is spoken to you because the audio is included. You can download it to as many devices as you like for your family, or stream it from the free SoundCloud App.

See It and Say It is what you need for the WHOLE FAMILY for your homeschool Spanish, hands-on, no screens. The lessons are all audio and it talks to you from a device, from, you know, smartphone, computer, tablet, but there's no screens involved as they age and they're 14, 15, 16, and they've made it through, see it and say at level one, maybe even see it and say at level two.

The question I had today in my email was, what about the Whole Enchilada? What's happening is you're getting level 1, level 2, the blanks cards, and the bridge. And The Bridge ends up being free whenever you get the Whole Enchilada. 

Most people begin with SiSi Level 1, the Box Set. That way all you have to do is open it up, put it in their binder, and they're ready to go. We do not have CDs anymore. The audio all comes downloadable now. It automatically is sent to your computer, iPad, tablet, smart phone, or you can stream it.

I hope that helps you to figure out the difference between Flip Flop Spanish, which is the physical products.


....then we have Spanish Geniuses.

Spanish Geniuses is a subscription site so that the students can move at their own level. We have all kinds of Frequently Asked Questions Videos. Be sure to check those out.

Here are some of the topics:

How it works.

What about High School Spanish Language credit?

What do I need?

How do I place my student in the right Spanish level?

Do I need a skinny book?

Then we have the Spanish Geniuses Juniors level available on the same website.

If you have a co-op that you're wanting to join and do the classes together, it's a great idea. And we do offer discounts for groups that get together and use it.

There are 25 lessons in Spanish Geniuses Level One, and then you move on to Spanish Geniuses Level Two at your own pace. You don't have to schedule anything with me, you have access to everything all the time.

So depending on what level your children are, you can do that as well as the Juniors, and even the live bonus speaking sessions. We even have one today in a couple of hours. We're doing state flags. We're going to be describing our state flags.

If you have the older students, or you have some of both, whichever, you can go ahead and do the Spanish Geniuses video class. I try very hard to keep all children off of screens before age 13, as much as possible. So age 13 is when I would say, okay, you know, a little bit 10, 11, 12, but really before that. Try and use as few screens as possible throughout their school days because it really does damage the development of the brain, especially in the interpersonal communication and language portions.

Spanish Geniuses is the high school or middle school Spanish video course designed specifically for homeschoolers. You can use both concurrently if you like, but I don't recommend it. I recommend choosing one or the other. 

One child will either choose Spanish Geniuses, because they're ready for that scholar level,  that big red textbook

Now, included in Spanish Geniuses, we also have the bonus live Spanish sessions. It's not required. It's optional and extra and super fun. We build relationship, which is what language is about. We're all about building relationship. Otherwise, why communicate? So that's how I add in that relationship part of learning a language is by each student having somebody to speak with at least once a week.

IN CONCLUSION: With SpanishGeniuses, you have the textbook, grammar exercises, stories, vocabulary, everything's in here. There are even answer keys in the back. The video course takes you through learning the Spanish grammar, learning the vocabulary and how to read, understand, discuss and enjoy Spanish stories. I teach you to do that one class at a time at your own pace, pause me, rewind me, whatever. And then you have the bonus speaking sessions. Check out some of those clips here!

Want to WATCH me say this? Here!

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