What's the biggest difference between public school and homeschool?


That's all. Let's get in the wayback machine... before our babies... Before wrinkles, before much experience... but AFTER my passion for teaching was LIT and INFLAMED.....

Back when I taught in the public school... with all those public school students, I KNEW I could do a better job in a better way, with more fun and efficiency.

But I wasn't allowed. We didn't have the time, the resources, and the permission to do it the way I wanted to do it. My students weren't allowed to stay late or come early, and we were restricted from talking about anything that wasn't on the lesson plan - I got called into the principal's office COUNTLESS times as a teacher (zero times as a student!) I got used to it, and I told my principal I wouldn't change, I cared too much about "my kids" and not enough about the policies... and he nodded, smiled, and said, "See you next week."

I have to admit, I sometimes miss the challenge of juggling 28 students' needs at once. I absolutely wonder who they became - they were my first babies. The biggest perk: I was truly NEVER EVER bored.... Plus, it was great benefits, and good job security, just lousy goal reaching. I dreaded every single day. It was full of meaningless busy work that took all my energy to get done and no almost no learning happened. 45 minutes at a time, no goals reached. They HAD to do homework - there was no time to learn in class... Goodness.. 8 sessions every day of no goals reached. Very few light bulbs, and no way to change this awful ferris wheel or even to get off.

My husband and I are both so grateful that my children don't know the bleak outlook on learning public school gave me.

So: Homeschool. Is it perfect? No. Will my kids have education gaps? YES. But - they are CHOOSING where, how, and with whom to spend their ONE nonrenewable resource: TIME.

Choose how you and your children spend your time! HOMESCHOOL!

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