What about when..... (aka Do they ever grow up?)

I hear from a lot of homeschool parents who are just starting out. They frequently ask, "But what about when....?"

Their children are only a few years old, or their concern is many years in the future. I smile and say, "It'll be ok." That's not much of a comfort, but it's true.

The way I learned it is from a 14 year old. This sweet girl was at my house for a Homeschool Spanish class, and she noticed I was tired, down trodden. I had baby number 4 or five on the way, I don't remember. She asked, "Anything I can do to help?" and I lost it.

I started sobbing.... "Will you come live with me?" I laughed through the tears.

She smiled and said, "don't worry, it'll get easier."

I didn't believe her, and wanted to know how she knew, though I did know she was one of 7 or 8 or 9 children. But how and WHEN will these little toddlers start helping? It was just SO much work with three or four littles, all needing me so very much, so very often.

She simply shrugged her shoulders and smiled, "They'll want to help. You'll see."

I didn't see then, but I held on to this promise from this young girl, whom I didn't know well.

She was right. It wasn't super soon, but it wasn't too long, either, when the children saw me working, they WANTED to help. There was no demanding or requiring on my part. They saw me doing something, and wanted to pitch in. Then they began preemptively helping! They were doing chores for me BEFORE I got to them.

Now, at the ages of 9.5, 11, 13, 14, and 16, I do very little. I honestly walk around and just say thank you. My biggest chores are getting my own laundry done, menu planning, and making dinner (though I don't even do that every night, because these great kiddos want to help with that as well!)

So, take heart, moms of littles.... your "what about when...." will take care of itself, though it's very hard to believe the 14 year old knew time would change my children, and I know for you, time will change yours. Make it through today.

Pretty soon, your tomorrow will be here and there will be very little left for you to do!

"It's time for breakfast," my nine year old is telling me....she and her sister have made it, and don't want it getting cold.

Take heart, momma! It's coming! Don't worry about "when...."

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