Super Speedy Spanish Lessons - "Innaminit" ... Momentito

Sometimes the SHORTEST lessons have the most impact! In that vein, I've begun a new series on the website. 

I've taken one of my favorite past times (reading comic strips) and my favorite method of learning Spanish (using flashcards and word chunking) and made some quick lessons for you - the goal is a less than FIVE MINUTE video and ONE MINUTE of practice per day. Can you do it?

Snoopy en español - teaches MOJADO

Here's the first comic strip. Watch the video, or just do these THREE STEPS! 

Read the vocabulary word: MOJADO is our target word today. We're using it as an adjective, so it will follow the noun when we build our sentences.

1) mojado - wet (moh-HAH-doh) (click the link to hear the word)

2) Use your target word in a sentence: (I don't like wet days.)

        No me gustan los días mojados.

        Then change the bolded word to another plural noun.

3) Read and enjoy the comic strip in Spanish! The lesson ends at 2:30 (Two and a half minutes! YEAH!)

4) Optional Extra practice: flashcards and sentence building. (Another 2:30 of practice)

The extra Words I used in the video are here:
me gusta - I like
necesito - I need
el plato - the dish
el pan - the bread
el perro - the dog
las tijeras - the scissors
el borrador - the eraser
el gallo - the rooster
los zapatos - the shoes

Head over to (Innaminnit...Momentito Spanish Lessons) for more!

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