LifeHack Learning Tips for Homeschool Lessons in Foreign Language: A List of 15 GENIUS tips (#s 6-10)

It's SUMMER TIME and everyone is still homeschooling! (Learning is always happening.) It just depends on the focus.
So, how do we accept the slow down of schedules, enjoy it, and yet not allow any stagnation in our learning? Here are five more easy tips to add a little jolt to your Spanish learning in your homeschool. (Did you miss the first five tips? Check them out here!)

6) Watch one of the SiSi or Spanish Geniuses FREE videos and talk to Señora Gose as if you were there LIVE! I really like showing off my students' learning, so you can find MANY clips of the Spanish Geniuses speaking and learning. Hit pause, and doodle and repeat some of the words from each lesson, post it in your learning space, and BOOM. There's enough there for easy summer lessons each week! Just use the word "CLIP" or FREE in the search box if you're looking for more lessons. The Ministry Spanish Flash Cards are also linked to download FREE, along with Short Spanish Lesson videos to learn how to make the best use of them.
7) Play charades by choosing a See it and Say it flashcard out of a paper sack. This is pretty simple! Grab 5 or 6 flashcards, study them together, pop them in a bag and take turns grabbing one, acting it out, and the others guess in Spanish! 
8) Use a sock or a toy to speak Spanish to you with their opinions and needs. From any toy you have, to the google eye sets I offer for your children to "talk to the hand," or the Felt Friends which an old timey, feel-good hit that incorporates learning and play in the way only soft hand cut felt figures can.... just using a funny voice, and looking at an animal or toy instead of at your family member's face adds an amount of levity, imagination and silliness that incorporates so many more synapses and ability to absorb. Try it! Add TOYS into the learning time - at ANY age!
9) Plan your day in Spanish with the VOY A card (I’m going to). This is an easy one - look at your to-do list. Then re-copy and repeat it aloud. 
  • Voy a limpiar,
  • voy a cocinar,
  • voy a leer, y
  • voy a descansar.
  • Check check check!
10) Play HOT and COLD (caliente y frío) in Spanish as you look for an item or a flashcard in Spanish…. ¿Dónde está mi……?
Place a flashcard in a room tape it up high, or under a table. Repeat dónde está mi... again and again and call out hot and cold to help your students.

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