Seriously, Suzanne? HUGE Oopsie...

Ugh. I was SO excited. I opened up my new Flip Flop French Flash Cards, and happily flipped over the first card: THE ARM, practicing my newly remembered French Pronunciation... Wait a second. Something's not right. And it's all my fault. ...

 So! Until we sell them all, this first OOPSIE Flip Flop French batch is 40% off. There's only 100, well 98 now. And some Charlotte Mason mommas have been waiting a LONG time!

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  • Señora Gose on

    Thank you for asking! YES, everything is absolutely correct on the cards, they are FULLY usable….except the numbers. They are COMPLETELY usable. They just have numbers that need to be ignored. Thank you again for pointing out that I wasn’t quite clear.

  • olga carroll on

    Could you please clarify about the french cards oopsie. You mentioned they are misnumbered, but is the translation and pictures correct?

  • olga carroll on

    What you mind clarifying what exactly wrong with the flash cards? The video is not specific on this. Is the translation correct?

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