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A lot changed in my Spanish teaching method as soon as I exited the public school system. I began implementing a LOT of changes in my new, private foreign language classroom.  I was very aware that my Spanish teaching method was more effective now; easy, and simple. Simple and easy aren't the same thing, after all.

When one removes the requirements of matching the rest of the classrooms in a school district, you really find your own personal teaching style. As I developed my plans and activities to follow the children, to teach in a way what REALLY worked for the students in front of me, I found myself implementing nothing new, really. I knew it worked, so I did it, saw the results, and made products that worked, too!

What I did NOT know was that other people were noticing! Especially Catherine Levison. She's a Charlotte Mason expert, author, and speaker. She had introduced herself at one of the Homeschool Conventions years ago, and congratulated me on my Spanish teaching method by telling me how "Charlotte Mason" it was.... I thought, "Oh? I should meet this lady!"

I honestly had never heard of Charlotte Mason, and figured she must be another lovely homeschooling momma.

It turns out my Spanish teaching was the same style Charlotte Mason lays out in her books for the last century. I didn't set out to defend her method or champion it. Once I saw that I was, after all, following her path, I called upon my memory and training from my education degree at Baylor University. The plans and implementation was all there in Charlotte Mason's methods. It wasn't new at all! I was just doing what works, and CM had already laid it out for me.
. We just "ran into" each other again earlier this week in cyber world. Here's what she said, re-printed with her permission:

"I have carried Flip Flop Spanish with me everywhere I have spoken since I discovered it at Cathy Duffy's house. I think it is the most Charlotte Mason system (you can purchase) for teaching Spanish that I've ever seen. No wonder it was so CM friendly. You did a great job. I've been showing and praising your work for a long time. You've helped many people."

Someon thinks I'm great!Of course, she made my heart soar! I read her statement to my mom, my children, my best friend... I probably read it to you! WOW! After the Facebook post on a Charlotte Mason page, I contacted her to use her expertise in this blog, and she did it again! Even more encouragement, keep reading!

"I have never found a more Charlotte Mason friendly Spanish program and I've been in hundreds of Vendor Halls for Homeschoolers. I love it. I've brought it to every speaking engagement since I first saw it. I think of you as a genius." ~Catherine Levison


If anyone needs me, I'll be up in the clouds for the next 6 months or so, as I just enjoy that this amazing educator thinks well of my work. I hope I can help you in your endeavors just a fraction as much as she feels I can! Let me know how I can help. I think I may be on a roll! I can pretty much do anything right now.

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  • Heather on

    Hi, would this be a good fit to do with my homeschooled kids together? They are 9 & 13, but have no prior exposure to Spanish.

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