Moving into the Holidays...

We all look forward to holidays, but we also see a lot of memory loss in math and short term vocabulary learning when we pause our studies. How do we keep vocabulary going during a break?

Here are a few fun ideas to keep the memory loss at a minimum...

Turkey CraftThanksgiving crafts... the ones where you make a turkey by tracing your hand? Label it in Spanish, and decorate your bathroom or kitchen with them! (la mano, el dedo, la cabeza, el pavo...: hand, finger, head, turkey) - The bathroom and kitchen are the locations we spend the most time, after all.

Choose a Spanish speaking night for a theme - "We can only talk about dishes in Spanish!" or "We can only describe stuff in Spanish tonight!"
Then type out your list, or grab your flashcards, and use them to study during the day.

Finally, play Spanish bingo. Bingo is ALWAYS good. If you're on the newsletter subscription, you'll get a free bingo game for the holidays. Play and enjoy!

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