Doy gracias por... I give thanks for...

Photo by Simon Maage on UnsplashIn this season of gratefulness (what a great theme, right?) I would like to give thanks for YOU, my Flip Flop Spanish Customers! We've been providing our community with local Spanish classes for homeschoolers for 15 years, and the world wide community with innovative practical Spanish curriculum for more than ten years now!

My students and customers in turn have blessed us, as a family, with support, ideas, letters, emails, and calls. I'm so grateful to be on this road with so many families who want to do the VERY best for their children.

THANK YOU.  ¡Muchísimas gracias! (moo-CHEE-see-mahs GRAH-see-ahs)

If you're not on the newsletter subscription for the site, please join, so you can receive the fun free lessons and activities we enjoy sending out.

(By the way, "Mr. Señora Gose" is in charge of our newsletter content, and he is HILARIOUS. Enjoy his puns, memes, and general fun writing style about learning Spanish and managing homeschooling. He's also super generous, and always makes sure there's some freebie and/or discount in each monthly newsletter.)

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