When you put a Marine in charge of marketing...

Flip Flop Spanish is a family business. I'm the teacher and curriculum writer. Marketing, web design, inventory, and shipping are my husband's department.

Here's a behind-the-scenes look at a business meeting.

I get called into his office. My manly Marine presented THIS to me for a "downloads image" to send to our cherished Flip Flop Spanish subscribers, I (kindly and gently of course) remarked: "Hey, Babe. That's super cool, but, um, ....Have you forgotten our demographic?"

robot manly digital download image

(Notice the escape button at the bottom. Dad Puns were even more rampant in a few other versions of this robot guy.)

His response (in the most loving way, of course):

 "I'm not some estrogen chick."

(Sigh. Yes, and I'm glad of that, but still!)

 "Well, our demographic may not respond to that. Maybe think about what I would respond to. I'm a homeschool mom. Homeschool moms buy curriculum and make downloads.

Not Marines."


Being the sweetheart he is, he immediately changed it:

"estrogen fest"

In case you can't read the flowery lettering: "If you buy our products, all your dreams will come true and your hair will be long and prince charming will kiss you and nothing bad will ever happen to you again." There's even an asterisk: *if you don't buy something, a cute kitty will be sad.

My favorite animal is the hippo, so you can imagine how loved I felt...

I laughed until my wrinkles hurt and said: "I'm totally using that in a blog post!"

So! Here it is.

But, wait, there's more! (Be sure your head says that in an annoying salesman announcer voice!)

After getting a good long laugh from his bride, he began work on the newsletter, and went for the gusto with the Dad Puns and general hilarity. So if you want his perspective on the business meeting outcome, be sure to read the newsletter going out today.

(And little does he know it, but now my manly Marine is in charge of all monthly Newsletter content!)

The good news is: after this deep discussion and analysis of the differences in men and women, estrogen and testosterone; his newsletter and Thanksgiving Bingo Product image is a bit more balanced. Check it out.

P.S. There's a code to use for a free Thanksgiving themed Spanish lesson in the Newsletter (with audio!) Just type your email in the bottom of any Flip Flop Spanish page at the bottom right to get the monthly email message written by "Mr. Señora Gose." You won't be sorry. I can't wait for him to find out how he's "punned" himself into another job!

Moral of the story: Never tell a Marine his marketing is too manly.

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