Family Meal Time - Learning Together!

What do we say at every get together? The party is always in the kitchen!

Learning is just the same! Our family was sitting around the kitchen laughing and chatting, and I had the realization that so MUCH of their learning happens right there. They're relaxed and not on the spot. They are happy with full tummies, and yummy tastes in their mouths, and they have plenty to focus on, taking any performance pressure off of them. No WONDER they learn so many history facts at dinner with Daddy!

If you ever hit a road block in learning, move to the kitchen! Here's why:
  1. In order to absorb a new language, the student needs to be relaxed.
  2. In order to move the new vocabulary into long term memory, the student should be motivated.
  3. In order to create an easy access for future use (a new synapse or brain pathway), the student should truly use the new skill.

Family Eating Outside Black and White SilhouetteThe great thing about being in the kitchen, is ALL three of these goals can be met easily with ONE ITEM. FOOD!

Food is the great unifier. When you're ready to change up your Spanish learning method, move to the kitchen. Labeling items with sticky notes - just the furniture - is super easy and fun if you don't know where to start.

Here are a few phrases found in the Flip Flop Spanish flashcard sets to get your student relaxed, motivated, and ready to use his newly acquired Spanish vocabulary:

the kitchen - la cocina
may I have - puedo tener...?
the plate - el plato
the napkin - la servilleta
more - más
please - por favor







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