Fair Time!

Just like any child, our kiddos LOVE the Fair. Between the rides, bouncy houses, meeting new friends, and seeing all the animals to be judged, this past three day weekend was non-stop.

For me, as a mother, I was most pleased with how our five children interact with every person they meet. From the old-timers at the car show to the toddlers who are just beginning to speak, our children always began by asking questions and then wait to offer information. Asking questions is a skill some people have lost. I've observed many students putting forth statements as fact, but being in error. It's hard to correct them without them feeling ashamed. Encourage those around you to ask questions. People LOVE giving advice and opinions, and the only problem will be getting the conversation to end! Asking what someone thinks is a sure fire way to make a new friend. Mitch Speaking Spanish with a little girlSaturday was our busiest day running our Rent The Chicken booth at the fair, and I found I was most pleased when I heard our kids speaking Spanish to little ones who were likely bilingual, but most comfortable with Spanish. The kids didn't jump in with English, they matched the little ones' comfort level. Toddlers don't correct any pronunciation issues or verb tense choice, so any speaking blunders (*not that I think there were any, I promise I wasn't eavesdropping!) go unnoticed and simply build confidence in their Spanish speaking ability, which builds momentum on the road to fluency.
So! Chat with little ones, learn your question words in Spanish, and make new friends, no matter where you are.

Good Spanish question starters for Toddlers:

¿Te gusta...? - do you like...?  (teh-goo-stah)

¿Qué crees de...? - what do you think of.. (keh-kreh-ehs-deh)

¿Tienes...? - Do you have...? (tee-eh-nehs)

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