As many of you know, we have five awesome kiddos. They have five birthdays. I'm not much into birthday parties. I don't know why... they're just not my favorite. So, I'm deviating from Spanish for this post to give you an idea that has worked WONDERFULLY for us.

One UnBirthday per year. No gifts, no singing. Just one huge party per year, no where near anyone's birthday. It's been fabulous. This year was our 8th unbirthday, and it was another success. If you get stressed out trying to "keep up" with society, play by your own rules and step out of the race.

The children LOVE their birthday - slow day at home, or a field trip of choice, food of choice, and one gift. Each birthday is sweet and memorable with a relaxed set of parents at the helm. If you'd like info on this idea (or Spanish Learning!) contact me!
Lego Man with Sombrero
Some Spanish vocab from this post:

el regalo - the gift (reh-GAH-loh)

el cumpleaños - the birthday (koom-pleh-AHN-yohs)

la fiesta - the party (fee-EH-stah)

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