Rodeo Time

Our family does a lot of stuff together. We school together, we eat all three meals together (mostly daily) and we even work together. Of course we work together on the farm, and on Flip Flop Spanish Products. This week's focus is on our other fun family business. Rent The Chicken causes us to go to endless numbers of Farmers' Markets and, my favorite, RODEOS.

We're prepping for Rodeo Time now. The kids are all studying up on their barnyard vocabulary, and I'm happily collecting the prettiest eggs to display in our booth. We'll also have our teensiest goat, Dudley, prancing around with us. He's going to love it.

For now, here are some fun cognates (words that are similar in two languages) that came from Spanish, in the rodeo world:

  • canyon (from cañón)
  • armadillo (literally, "the little armed one")
  • bronco (means "wild" or "rough" in Spanish)
  • burrito (literally "little donkey")
  • lasso (from lazo)
  • rodeo (rodeo)
  • vaquero (English regionalism for a cowboy)

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