3 ways to make sure your Spanish Lessons aren't USELESS

How To Learn Spanish

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Missing the mark? Making a mess? Nothing is more frustrating than wasting time. When we spend time learning, we want PROGRESS. When we don't make progress, it's actually worse than standing still. It's losing ground, because now we've added a new obstacle to overcome.
So, how do we avoid this? 

#1. Make sure your goals are realistic. If you attempt to learn 50 new words in a day, your likelihood of success is almost zero. The theory you want to think of is x +1. Whatever your level is, be sure you're reaching to the next level, but just the very next level. X + 50 is just as bad as not challenging yourself at all. A good goal is three words per day at the beginning.

#2. Choose good words to conquer.  If those three words you choose are igualitario, murciélago, and estadounidense,  then you might as well try for 50 short easy words. (Those three words mean: egalitarian, bat, United States Resident. Bat - the winged flying rodent kind- is the funniest.)
Think about where you spend your time. Every one eats, so using favorite foods or silverware names is a great place to start, with a sentence starter.

Me gusta (I like) and add a food word.

Necesito (I need) and add a dish name or silverware item. 


#3. Don't be ridiculous. Of course you're not ridiculous. (Maybe other people, but not you.) But sometimes we aspire to jump all in. Spending too much time on one thing isn't good, no matter WHAT it is. Make a goal of 20 minutes/day. If you miss one day, its' not devastating, and you won't dread it because the time is too long. Set a timer for 20 minutes, and study your three words daily. Very soon (maybe even on day two), you'll want to add more.

Include in your plan an "easy button" (Thank you , Staples, Inc!) by purchasing a curriculum, workbook, or set of flashcards from Flip Flop Spanish's catalog. The Flip Flop Jot is a great addition to the busy parent on the go, and the kids most likely won't run off with it.

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  • Cindy on

    Good ideas. I also like ur recommendations on movies en espanol and Spanish hangman!

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