Why and How does the Charlotte Mason Method Work with learning languages?

There are a few principles that create a successful language learning journey. Charlotte Mason and I happened to agree on them! When I learned about her method, AFTER I had developed See it and Say it, I decided to add on to the process. Just a little I've expounded a bit more, seeing that all the pieces definitely are a catalyst to the ONE key to learning. (Motivation.)

So that's WHY it works - you're presenting information in a GENTLE way that creates curiosity (which is the precursor or sometimes consequence to motivation) - watch the Charlotte Mason Conference Seminar to get more insight!

Here are is just a short little video to help you get started with ANY language.
I decided to treat this like a "Seriously Suzanne" post and not edit it.

Here are some of the notes from the 2020 Charlotte Mason Inspired Conference as well. If you just happened upon this, I don't know how long the link stay active, but all the seminars are recorded, so give it a try!



Resources: - Disclaimer - I am not the creator of these lists. Please do your due diligence before purchasing for your children or yourself. Also, please remember x + 1 theory before diving in too deep.

The Bible App: (You Version) in Spanish - reading and listening
Any kindle book - use your ipad or phone settings to read the screen. You can adjust the speed.

Cultural books (English and Spanish)


List of living books in Spanish:

Classics in Spanish (Advanced speakers) - I read these in my college courses

Short Stories in Spanish:

Songs: (starting with songs they recognize is a GREAT way to motivate)



Poetry: (a few simple ones)



And finally, here's the little mini lesson I put together to help you with the steps of "hearing," "using," "owning" your language. Charlotte Mason Lesson for Spanish Manners. FREE!

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