Ready for Spanish Enrichment?

Nothing pleases me more than hearing from Facebook Messages, phone calls, and emails: "What's next?" Families are completing SiSi Level 1. Even as the eager families work their way through the hands on lessons, they want more real world immersion. WONDERFUL! That was my GOAL!

 In addition to the Movie Guides I've written and recorded for you, here are some options which can simply stand alone. Enjoy using your SiSi vocabulary and adding new words as you enjoy these, as my family has.

Books (click on the covers to purchase now from Amazon), or find these in your local library. I'll be adding an activity page to each one, throughout the summer.

La semilla zanahoria (we have an activity guide for this one already!)


Very Hungry Caterpillar


Good night moon


If you give a mouse a cookie


La gallina cocorina


Jorge el curioso



Book of Life (in English or Spanish, you'll enjoy getting to know the culture)


Winnie the Pooh


Tarzan (since Tarzan is learning to speak) - I have a guide for this one already too, in the Movie Guide.



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