La semilla de zanahoria is a HIT!

True to form, after reading the book, and "testing" the activities on my own children, they begged for more. That made me grin, for sure! So, we planted a seed today (one of the activities). It was too cute.

We grabbed our copy from the library, but you can get yours by clicking on the cover below - it costs less than a fancy coffee!

Flip Flop Spanish Flash Card Sentences

From practicing the book words and making the Spanish flashcards, and building their own  Spanish sentences...(always picture side up!)


.Planting the carrot planting the seed: "¡Necesito sembrar la semilla de zanahoria hoy, mamá!" (I need to plant the carrot seed today, MOM!)

Of course, my boy chose a carrot seed called, "purple dragon" for his Spanish unit study.

Planting the carrot seed then watering it: "Voy a rociar el suelo con agua. (I'm going to sprinkle the dirt with water.) Those are all from the flashcard words, right, mom?"
"Sólo español, mijo." (Spanish only, baby- my son.)











"Oh, lo siento. Gracias. Me gusta sembrar. Me gusta mucho." (Oh, I'm sorry. Thanks. I like to plant. I like it a lot.)


Rociaba con agua - the carrot seed spanish lesson - watering We had a great time, and will keep you posted on his Purple Dragon carrots and when (or if!) brotará! (It will sprout!)


Here's the link to the Activity guide for you to enjoy.

Post your carrot pics on the Flip Flop Spanish facebook page! (And stay tuned for the next book activity guide.)

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