Even More chit chat and tips for Tactile Learners (Part 3)

Learning Styles

Keep on Keeping On – After a few weeks of study, your game possibilities are endless for adding Spanish absorption:

  • act out skits,
  • put actions to simple songs (charades, choreography),
  • create works of art to illustrate a new vocabulary list,
  • Pictionary is another fun, quick way, to confirm the knowledge,

There are countless options: your student will have TONS of ways to review his language progress!

The unfortunate part of this learning preference is that so much of the Spanish curricula out there is directed toward reading, writing, or listening. Wiggly Willies need this too. Just not on the front end. They NEED movement, speaking, and lots of feedback FIRST.

Try crosswords, or the workbooks from Flip Flop Spanish, which have some activities that are more coloring rather than writing.

 The Calendar is also a great one word a day way to improve writing and copying. As the student gets older and is working on conjugating verbs, or just increasing vocabulary, have him call out the target language translation as he jumps on the trampoline, or jog/jump ropes. Get a rhythm going, and see how many cards you can go through as he jumps around. Be careful – the giggles will start rolling, and that’s a great thing! – It means Foreign Language = FUN!

 As you progress, the student of course will have to do some reading, and some writing, to continue on. Just be sure you HEAR him or her read the material, then play charades and see how you both absorbed. .

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