More talk about: Tactile Learners (Part 2)

How To Learn Spanish Learning Styles

Moving Forward – As you recognize that your student is grabbing more and more Spanish vocabulary, there are SO many fun ways to reinforce his learning:

  • play Memory with the flash cards
  • play Simon Says
  • make culturally based art
  • put pictures on a wall and have him touch the picture as you call out descriptive words in the picture
  • have him describe a picture as he paints or draws
  • play bingo with one of the Flip Flop Spanish Bingo games (coloring, cutting, flipping and WINNING are all great activities for the tactile learner.)
Just be sure he’s not just sitting in front of a screen – no TV, no DVD, no app or computer software will help him to truly absorb the language. A tactile learning might get it in the short term, but two days later, it’ll be gone. Work hard to keep him moving to truly absorb his new super power: Spanish!
Wiggly Willy Winning Bingo

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