Spanish learning HACK! (I really don't like that word...)

But here it goes anyway. People always want to know how I became fluent. First of all, the answer is SLOWLY. After a good two years of studying regularly, speaking as much as I could find time, and even after the trip to Spain, THAT's when I became fluent.

BUT, HOW? For me, fluency was gained by constantly and consistently thinking: "Can I say that in Spanish?"
 As parents and children, though, there are many more distractions and priorities that I didn't have in that station of life. So. Here's your Spanish Learning Hack:

Put flashcards in your silverware drawer. Yup. You'll at least SEE them. And maybe you'll give them five minutes of your life. Keep Spanish in your thought process in "regular ways" so that the practice becomes more frequent, more natural.

Posting and labeling items are good too. But mostly, grab your flashcards. Nudge the forks over. And put them in.

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