Skate Boarding and Language Learning?

Something you may not know about me... well, first the stuff you probably already know. How many ways do you and I match?

~I'm left-handed.

~I'm a mother to five children (two lefties!)

~I'm married to a U.S. Marine.

~I LOVE *helping entrepreneurs, *chocolate, *traveling, *chickens, and *gardening. (Not necessarily in that order.)

~We live on a hobby farm and also have chickens (of course), dairy goats, turkeys, and ducks.


.... and here's the surprise part: My husband and THREE of our kids are "skaters."


I KNOW. That last one doesn't match me AT ALL. But here we are! They are even building a half pipe and make daily and weekly videos and everything. My son's YouTube channel features a LOT of him skating (and falling) and getting back up.

So, I end up watching skating videos with them and OF them...  a LOT.  I'm fairly well-versed now (against my will) and my brain space is full of skateboard informational videos, tricks, tips, guides, equipment reviews and more.

So when my hubby shared this combination video with me about skate boarding and second language learning and how they are similar, I was pretty impressed. And I agree with the author!


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