But.... What curriculum do YOU use Suzanne? (Summer Time Planning!)

Here we are... SUMMER TIME! Planning out our "Planting" -- we need a guide, we need some input...

Well! I'm here to help!


Let me give you an opinion to reject - These choices will most likely NOT suit your family, since your family is not even a little bit the same as our family. But, it's always helpful to have a jumping off spot.

Here are my favorite curriculum choices that I've come back to again and again.

Remember, our five are now ages 14 to 20. So... somehow, they keep getting smarter! These are some of the tools I used again and again. 

Hey-  I'll add a video of how I plan it out year by year ... tomorrow. Maybe.

Elementary Years =
KONOS (Unit Studies dedicated to Character Training - covers history, Bible, literature, vocabulary, applied sciences, and applied mathematics.)
Reading: teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons and then Hooked on Phonics for the two youngest.
Language: See it and Say it Of course.
Math: Math U See, Some times Life of Fred when we hit a dry spot.
Grammar: Easy grammar, beginning in 4th Grade


Middle School/Junior High Homeschool Curriculum 

It's sort of a blur. "Slower ones" finished up KONOS with the group, "Advanced ones" did High School stuff more slowly. The last two... well, I think we did field trips. Lots and lots of Field Trips. Math, Grammar, and new Literature options came with classes at co-op, bee keeping club, and lots of elective classes like art, geography, karate, scouts and more. They also each traveled with me to the Homeschool Conventions, so they often got to pick out a subject that interested them at those.... as payment. (I'm pretty sneaky.)


High School Homeschool Curriculum

History/Literature: Sometimes Notgrass, usually A Gentle Feast

Math: Math U See, hands down. 

Science: Apologia  - this Year Novare for Physics and Psychology

Grammar: Rod and Staff

Writing: IEW courses outsourced at the @Community Homeschool Center or a local co-op

Foreign Language: Spanish Geniuses In person Classes - and they still attend the Zoom classes (incognito to escape pressure)


Extras = Beekeeping, Auto Shop, Animal Husbandry, Gardening, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Journalism/Newspaper, LOTS of ART, Music with Voice, song writing, Banjo, Piano, Violin, Trumpet, Guitar, Cooking and Sewing, Book keeping, Personal training and gym building,... 



Here's a video of my Checklist for homeschooling.

Hey! I hope this helped you. Leave a comment If it did!


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