How *NOT* to teach Spanish

Are you using any of these methods to teach or learn Spanish? Maybe... stop.

~ Memorizing phrases via audio only

One of my first phrases I painstakingly learned and memorized by audio sound only was, "El caballo salta la cerca." I guess it was to learn the S and K sounds made by the letter C. It means, "The horse jumps the fence." Though I have seen horses jump the fence multiple times since learning that phrase... I have never uttered it to anyone around me, in any language. What a waste of brain space!  Of COURSE you can learn REALLY important phrases, instead of random horse statements...  The problem is what invariably happens next: The phrases get mixed up, and you meant to say I'm ready for my check now, but you instead say, "The bathroom is dirty." Or whatever.

I mean... remember "Encino Man?" Just me? His high school class learned by listening and repeating and memorizing various Spanish phrases. And this is how it turned out. But seriously. Phrases don't = communication. It's typically regurgitation, that EVENTUALLY turns into communication.  It's just better to start with communication from the beginning.


~ Free (or paid) apps

The language development portion of your brain Is  almost 100% switched OFF when viewing a screen of any sort. Need I say more?

~ Longs lists of words

More is not always MORE. Start with ONE. Just ONE WORD.

~ Conjugation charts 

Charts with anything as a basis = boring. Boring = demotivated. Demotivated = NO learning.

~ Starting with the alphabet

After speaking Spanish for more than two decades, I have only recited the alphabet for parents who want me to do so for their children. It's confusing, frustrating, boring, and doesn't add ONE BIT to being able to speak or understand Spanish! (Although, I do have a FUN way to practice it here.)


So how DO you teach and learn Spanish? Here's a starting article to get information on, but stay tuned - in a few days I'll give you all the options!

The best starting option for anyone? Don't take my word for it, click here:  Flashcards!


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