Family is everything...

I really believe in family and family time. So much magic can come from the time an adult focuses on a child. 

Right now, I'm reworking an old set of lessons I taught several years back to entire families at a time. The walk down memory lane has been LOVELY as I imagine new families visiting, talking, acting moves and skits out, and playing the innovative games I created for them to enjoy learning and USING Spanish together. 

It brings me such joy to create the environment that children and parents experience the knowledge that they can communicate in a new language!

Thank you for the opportunity to have such fun at my job. The families I'll be re-testing these lessons on this Spring are such joys, and I can't wait to get their feedback for you.

This set of Family Lessons will be called "El puente," I think. (The Bridge, eel-pwehn-teh) This will bridge the space between SiSi Level 1 and SiSi Level 2, and will excel at teaching Spanish phrases, questions and conversation that simply don't fit on flashcards with photo cues.


With just 18 lessons, it's everything I like the most: fun and fresh, lots of activities, and not too long!

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